Wood and Ceramic tables, the perfect match for two great materials.

Tavolo Rotondo ShangaiTavolo Rotondo Pegaso

BARREL TABLE TOPS IN COKE OAK OR AMERICAN OAK – Black desir – Calacatta gold – grey Savoy stone – anthracite Savoy stone – Statuary white

Noir Noce
Oro Calacatta Noce
Grigio Noce
Antracite Noce
Bianco Noce
Noir Coke
Oro Coke
Grigio Coke
Antracite Coke
Bianco Coke

An elegant ceramic insert distinguishes new wood tops, conveying a different character and a new style to the natural effect of wood.

The huge success of ceramic table tops in 2018 stimulated the creative flair of Riflessi Lab designers, who were inspired by the textured effect of ceramic surfaces to create an extremely sophisticated, contemporary combination: wood and ceramic tables. American oak or coke oak wood table tops, round or barrel shaped for Shangai, Pegaso, Living and Master tables.

ROUND TABLE TOPS (FOR SHANGAI AND PEGASO ONLY) IN COKE OAK OR AMERICAN OAK: Black desir – Calacatta gold – grey Savoy stone – anthracite Savoy stone – statuary white.

Noir Coke 1
Oro Coke 1
Grigio Coke 1
Antracite Coke 1
Bianco Coke 1
Desir Noce
Oro Noce
Grigio Noce 1
Antracite Noce 1
Bianco Noce 1

The effect is undoubtedly of strong visual impact: the delicate thickness of the beveled wood envelops the refined ceramic top. The wooden and ceramic tables are ideal for any area of the living room.

Tavolo Shangai Botte

To coordinate with all wood/ceramic tables, the ‘Lazy Susan’ tray is a ROTATING centrepiece available in American oak, coke oak or ceramic in the five versions available. Our rotating top is inspired by Oriental design and its philosophy of sharing.

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