Round ceramic wallclock

The fascination of matter in its purest state. The warm veins of natural stone inspired Rifessi designers to create the Portorotondo wall clock. Monumental, yet minimalist in design, it is dramatic and striking, thanks to the optional warm LED lighting.


Clean lines, warmth of material: this is the timeless beauty of the Portorotondo clock. Available in different finishes. 90cm diameter. Black hands.


Designed by Riflessi Lab

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orologio moderno da parete
portorotondo 01
orologio ceramica patagonia

Glossy Patagonia

orologio ceramica capraia

Glossy / Matt Capraia 

orologio ceramica verdeborgogna

Burgundy Green

orologio ceramica blusodalite

Glossy Blue Sodalite 

orologio ceramica saharanoir

Sahara Noir bush-hammered matt or glossy

portorotondo noisette

Glossy Noisette 

portorotondo silverroots

Matt Silver Root



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ceramica silverroot
Ceramic - matt Silver Root
ceramica noisette
Ceramic - glossy Noisette
ceramica sodaliteblu
Ceramic - Sodalite blue glossy
ceramica verdeborgogna
Ceramic - Burgundy Green matt / glossy
ceramica saharanoir
Ceramic - Bush-hammered Sahara Noir matt / glossy
ceramica capraia
Ceramic - Capraia matt / glossy
ceramica patagonia
Ceramic - Patagonia glossy
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