The formal rigor of the geometries is softened by light and precious decorative interventions on the doors. It is a touch of elegance that, declined in different versions, makes each piece unique and personal.

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Exclusive surfaces, created by an expert decorator for an exclusive piece of furniture.

The original surface, treated and covered with resin in many creative solutions, has an excellent aesthetic impact and remains easy to clean.

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Riflessi sideboards are suitable for multiple uses, in the living room or in the bedroom. Their elegance enriches the environment in a predominant way.

Unique and exclusive sideboard

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Futuristic sideboard in wood and steel

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Wooden storage unit

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Sideboard with framework in thermo-treated coke oak

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Container cabinet with engravings

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Wooden sideboard

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Sideboard with wavy doors

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Minimal sideboard for living room

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Artistic sideboard with resin application

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Sideboard with engraved surfaces

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