Riflessi Contract for Restaurants

Riflessi Contract provides fully customisable, made to measure decor for restaurants and hospitality facilities with dining areas. A vast range of tailor-made contract items for restaurants will provide unique lighting, chairs and tables for any structure.

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The refined Riflessi style illuminates rooms with elegant customised solutions. The Led Loop lamp is designed to comply with technical requirements and the restaurant style, becoming an elegant wall fitting to illuminate all the walls in the room.

a vast range of products and finishes, carefully designed customisation and strong production capacity


from the most refined finishes such as ceramics, to those in wood and toughened glass, of any size, shape and dimension.

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The range of Riflessi chairs does not refer just to models, but also, and above all, to the huge selection of fabrics and colours from which to choose, all stainproof, fireproof and easy to clean. Our interior designers study the space involved and customise the most suitable product to reflect customers’ style, tastes and needs.


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the Riflessi Contract Division will get back to you shortly to illustrate the company’s infinite potential in the world of hotel decor.



    Made in Italy trends: Riflessi design for Bottega Planca

    Architect: Mario Sorrentino

    The architect Mario Sorrentino signs with Riflessi the project for the interiors of Bottega Planca, a restaurant in the province of Naples with a refined enogastronomic proposal, where the protagonist is the meat combined with excellent raw materials of the territory.
    For the restaurant Sorrentino has created a space with a strong personality, made with an aesthetic alternation between roughness and elegance, elements that recall the bare stone and Riflessi furniture with soft and sinuous shapes. The heart of the environment is a charming winter garden with climbing plants and a minimalist fountain, inside which stands an olive tree.
    The paved floor is reminiscent of the stone on which meat is cooked, while on the walls, against a cement background, dark blue-green colored bands and wallpapers with geometric/floral motifs alternate. In this environment with an eclectic mood, the seats are entrusted to the graceful design and ergonomic, comfortable shapes of Riflessi seats, such as Carmen, Giada, Giò, Perla and Sofia presented in low and high versions.
    All the seats are proposed with a graphite base, to reflect the gray stone effect of the place, combined with coatings of color palettes designed specifically for each of the environments, ranging from powder to dark blue-green, from gray to ocher to burgundy and dark green.
    The synergy between architect Sorrentino and Riflessi has come to life in a virtuous exchange, where the company has made available its skilled workers to customize each product according to the concept developed by the designer: the emblem of this collaboration is the large social table that overlooks the winter garden with Shangai base in graphite, combined with the structure of the seats, and custom made square top with profiles in canaletto wood and central insert in white statuary ceramic.
    In the winter garden, a relaxing and convivial place for aperitifs and after-dinner drinks, the architect has conceived comfortable seating areas, where low tables from the Lumiere series and Giò chairs with gray coating stand out: to create a soft atmosphere, some refined custom Riflessi chandeliers from the Led Loop series have been placed in the space, with hand-brushed brass and black chrome metal finishes to embellish the structure.

    "Mama Cocha" restaurant located in the Naples area specialized in a nikkei food

    Riflessi customized the seats for Mama Cocha, a restaurant located in the Naples area specialized in a nikkei food and wine proposal, a synthesis between the Peruvian and Japanese culinary culture. The interiors of Mama Cocha - whose name is a tribute to the Mother of the Waters, the Peruvian goddess protector of the sea and fishing - are designed by the architect Mario Sorrentino and are characterized by a lively and contemporary fusion aesthetic, where materials and stylistically different decorations meet with bright color palettes. For the project, Riflessi created special custom-made Sofia seats: for the seat was used a typical Peruvian fabric - that Riflessi subjected to a special processing - decorated with multicolor striped pattern, combined with a velvet effect fabric for the back in vivid complementary colors, like orange, ocher and blue.

    For the base of the seats, an elegant finish in rose gold was chosen, to give the seats a whimsical and original effect in continuity with the eclectic style of the restaurant.

    "YUGO" Sushi Fusion Experience restaurant in Volla (Naples)

    Architect: Mario Sorrentino

    Architect Mario Sorrentino signs with Riflessi the elegant interior design project for Yugo Sushi Fusion Experience, a restaurant in Volla (Naples) that celebrates the union between Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine with an excellent gastronomic proposal. The intervention follows an approach that pays a great attention to detail, with simple and regular lines emphasized by the use of refined materials and high-impact metallic-inspired finishes, especially in the shades of gold. As seats, the architect has selected an assortment of sophisticated Perla chairs and stools and comfortable Carmen armchairs, all with structure in matt gold finish and soft upholstery in palettes ranging from dark to light gray, from burgundy to blue. Matt gold, among the fil rouge of the interiors, returns to the base and profiles of the Shangai tables with a custom-made square black glass top measuring 80x80. The space is lit up by a scenographic constellation of chandeliers and tubulars from the Stilo series - where there is once again a combination between gold and satin chrome finishes - alternating with ceiling lamps from the Led Loop series characterized by metal rings with a gold finish. The interior was conceived with a warm and welcoming background, like a box covered with backlit onyx with a succession of teak wood structures, inserts in the black and graphite shades and decorative golden details, while the ceilings and floors have been treated with a concrete-like resin.

    The project represents a new stage in the successful partnership between architect Sorrentino and Riflessi: the functionality and style of the furnishings made by the Ortona company were a precious ally for the architect to combine the versatility, comfort and durability required by the place with the richness of details and the refined mood of the concept for Yugo.

    “Right from the design stage, I considered Riflessi as a partner rather than a supplier,” says Mario Sorrentino. "Thanks to the wide range of elements where innovation and craftsmanship, industrial design and custom-made processes coexist, I was able to easily customize objects and serial production elements, satisfying all the technical and aesthetic needs of the project."

    Urubamba fusion restaurant - Naples

    Architect: Mario Sorrentino

    The architect conceived the space as a “blue box” rich in golden details recalling a Deco style, in harmony with the “etno-chic” mood characterizing Urubamba and its gastronomic offer.
    The strong synergy between Sorrentino and Riflessi - who already collaborated in the past for other restaurant projects - led to the choice of an ample selection of the brand’s products, custom-made for the occasion. For the seats, it was chosen an array of elegant chairs and stools from the Giò and Perla series upholstered in the bordeaux and blue shades with the metallic base in a golden finish, recalling the decorations inside the restaurant. Gold is also present in the seven important chandeliers of the new Twist collection lighting up the space and characterized by white glazed glass spheres rolling up the tubular structure in a galvanic golden finish. The pieces by Riflessi dialogue in a sophisticated play of contrasts with the vivid colors chosen by the architect for the counter and table tops, in the Laminam fishises noir desir, calacatta oro and fluidosolido blu.
    As Sorrentino states: “the combination between the custom-made design and the creation by a specialized company allowed to have both originality, functionality and the highest quality,” giving life to a unique interior with a great personality.

    CASAMADRE Cocktail Bar & Restaurant - Naples

    Architect: Mario Sorrentino

    The Clarissa chair in natural oak with graphite frame is in the same finish as the Shanghai Square tables with pink gold base, illuminated by suspended Led Loop lamps and 10 pink gold Led Loop wall fittings, all made to measure. Several colours are available for both the tables and chairs.

    RISERVA Restaurant - Naples

    Architect: Mario Sorrentino

    Shanghai XL, 15-seater tables with 95cm high ceramic top; Carmen, Sofia and Lilia stools and Sofia, Lilia, Katia, Carmen and Perla chairs; Shanghai tables with Canaletto walnut base in different sizes, including outsized. Suspended Shanghai and Stilo lamps and the ceiling model of the Led Loop lamp. Lumiere occasional tables in both existing sizes, numerous mirrors and the Segno magnetic sideboard is used here as the pay point.

    NO.RO Gourmet Restaurant - Posillipo

    Carmen easy chairs upholstered in stainproof fabric.

    Planning and Contract Furniture for Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Bars, Clubs, Offices and Meeting Rooms.

    The main reason for choosing Riflessi for Contract projects to furnish hotels, restaurants, coffee bars, clubs and public buildings is its identity as a company whose versatility makes it a real ‘furniture atelier’. For its contract projects Riflessi can produce precisely cut, made to measure items customised in terms of fabrics, materials and colours to meet the needs and reflect the mood of any project. Our décor re-interprets space, lending it unmistakable personality, not forgetting practicality and quality raw materials, selected from the Italian industrial districts for their excellent production and processing skills. The vast range of fabrics and materials available are all CATAS certified, fireproof and formaldehyde free, and comply with European and Italian Standards (EN and ISO), as well as international ones (UNI, DIN, BS, NF, ASTM, ANSI). Riflessi places at its customers’ disposal a team qualified to plan and cooperate with architects, interior designers and conversion developers to meet different contract décor needs.