Riflessi Contract
for Coffee Bars

Coffee Bars, clubs, wine cellars, cocktail bars and American Breakfast Bars are catered for by Riflessi Contract, which provides the opportunity to fully express potential with its range of designer products suitable for these types of area and fully customisable. Truly ‘tailor-made’ solutions.

a wide range of products and finishes, carefully designed customisation and strong production capacity


from the most refined finishes such as ceramics, to those in wood and toughened glass, of any size, shape and dimension. The new Shanghai Snack table is an example of customisation for contract items.

Piani Tavolo


When choosing chairs for a coffee bar it is essential to look for comfortable, stackable ones (to manage space as well as possible) that are original in their design. The vast Riflessi range of chairs and finishes provides architects with the right choice in terms of performance, practicality and design.




In the panorama of Riflessi products, mirrors represent a must to bring personality and style to the decor. Also in this case, customisation is a fundamental aspect guaranteed by the Riflessi Contract Division. The three-dimensional effect Prisma mirror is enhanced by LED lighting that emphasises the depth of the illumination.

Disegno Specchi


the Riflessi Contract Division will get back to you shortly to illustrate the company’s infinite potential in the world of hotel decor.


    Completed projects


    Exclusive Gym "Al Tempio" - Naples

    An exclusive Gym in an historic building in the heart of Naples

    Riflessi signs the lighting of the GYROTONIC® gym "Al Tempio": an evocative place inside the former chapel of an aristocratic palace of the 16th century, near the Naples waterfront.
    The space, which has undergone a restoration that has preserved the fascinating historical architecture while updating its structure, is distinguished by wide vaults that touch 6 meters, handcrafted marble grit floors and majestic terracotta brick columns, with the base and capital made of piperno monoblock (a precious magmatic rock). These elements are combined with functional structures with a contemporary aesthetic, with materials such as the brushed steel and glass used for the staircase leading to the mezzanine level. 
Inside the space there are 17 machines that enable the implementation of the GYROTONIC® discipline, a special workout based on circular movements drawn from the key principles of dance, yoga, martial arts and swimming, whose activities are coordinated by Maurizio Marino - Specialized Master Trainer.
    For such a special environment, dedicated to physical and mental well-being, Riflessi has created custom compositions of the Led Loop lamp, whose fundamental element is the circle that evokes the circular movements of GYROTONIC®: black chrome and galvanized satin copper have been selected as finishes, recalling the nuances of terracotta, steel and piperno present in the space.
    Riflessi's signature lighting points are many and range from wall sconces, to chandeliers with 1, 2 and 6 circles, to 4-circle ceiling fixtures: each composition was made for the occasion with custom-made rosettes and special structures suited to the high height of the ceilings. To illuminate the room and create an energetic or suffused atmosphere suitable for dynamic or relaxing moments, a dual lighting system that can be used as needed was implemented.

    MARBLE Cocktail Bar - Naples

    Architect: Mario Sorrentino

    Tall, two-place snack tables were specially made for this project, based on the legs of the iconic Shanghai table. Different colours are available for both the tables and chairs. As well as the tall tables, the company supplied 18 low Shanghai occasional tables in the same finish and 48 Lilia stools.

    Planning and Contract Furniture for Coffee Bar

    The main reason for choosing Riflessi for Contract projects to furnish hotels, restaurants, coffee bars, clubs and public buildings is its identity as a company whose versatility makes it a real ‘furniture atelier’. For its contract projects Riflessi can produce precisely cut, made to measure items customised in terms of fabrics, materials and colours to meet the needs and reflect the mood of any project. Our décor re-interprets space, lending it unmistakable personality, not forgetting practicality and quality raw materials, selected from the Italian industrial districts for their excellent production and processing skills. The vast range of fabrics and materials available are all CATAS certified, fireproof and formaldehyde free, and comply with European and Italian Standards (EN and ISO), as well as international ones (UNI, DIN, BS, NF, ASTM, ANSI). Riflessi places at its customers’ disposal a team qualified to plan and cooperate with architects, interior designers and conversion developers to meet different contract décor needs.