Let your creative juices flow and design your personal Picasso sideboard or cabinet. Choose from a vast array of colors, finish options, sizes, shapes and materials to reflect the personality and soul of your home. Browse our suggested designs and let yourself be inspired by contrasting textures and harmonious silhouettes. Our Picasso custom sideboard collection is a truly wonderful tribute to one of the greatest modern masters the world has known.

The Picasso collection is impressive, with endless chromatic variations and a multiplicity of decorative inspirations. Use our configurator to choose the combination of body and doors that is closer to your tastes.

Sideboard with River Grey doors

Sideboard with simple doors in silver leaf

Glossy rosewood sideboard

Sideboard with doors in moulded glass

Cabinet with doors in coke oak


The Picasso P12 sideboard is completely customizable: from the shell with various finishes such as stained wood, matt and glossy lacquer, to coverings in gold, silver, copper, bronze, white gold and black gold leaf. It has six types of doors available, each with its unique finishes, such as Anta Simple, Anta Onda, Anta Inlay, Anta Pietra, Anta Mito and Anta Goccia.

Sideboard with doors covered by stone foil

Sideboard with undulated doors

Sideboard with doors covered by stone foil

Sideboard with inlay doors

Cabinet with Mito doors

Cabinet with Goccia doors

Sideboard with gold leaf

Cabinet with Mito doors

Dove-grey lacquered sideboard

American walnut sideboard

Matt white lacquered sideboard

Wooden sideboard with two doors