Pantone Very Peri color of the year:
the Carmen armchair takes on a lively tint

The Pantone Color Institute has chosen as the color of 2022 Very Peri, the new Pantone 17-3938: a periwinkle blue hue with purple and red undertones, vibrant and expressive. Very Peri embodies the sense of security and comfort that the blue color transmits, enriched by a touch of freshness, creativity and energy embodied by purple and red.

Banner Very Peri

With Very Peri, the Carmen armchair, a classic by Riflessi characterized by a comfortable and flexible design, is dressed in a soft Amalfi 83 velvet upholstery, which with its iridescent effect highlights the richness of the nuances.

Carmen Very Peri

The effect is bold and elegant and makes the armchair an attention-grabbing piece, ideal to be placed as a unique piece in a bedroom next to a secretary or a desk or in the living room around the dining table, combined with other bright colored Carmen seats.