The new upholstering proposals by Riflessi

Riflessi, consistent with its philosophy that blends tailoring and the constant search for innovation, offers two new upholsterings in line with the latest trends in the fashion and design world that want as protagonists material and complex surfaces inspired by nature.

Rivestimenti Tessuti Riflessi 2

The Bouclè fabric is characterized by knots and loops in the warp or weft yarns that create its rich texture.The irregular hand of the material awakens the tactile sphere without neglecting the technical and quality features that ensure the covering’s strength and durability.

Tavolo Shangai Marmo
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It is easy to take care of Bouclè, the covering is tear-proof and not subject to the color variations that fabrics often suffer when subjected to direct light sources for long periods of time.

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Mire, with its soft, glossy surface with contrasting veins, takes inspiration from the fashion world and in particular it shows a strong resemblance with classic tartans and tweeds. Mire also owns all of the functional characteristics that Bouclè has, so it is resistant to tearing and wear as well.
Riflessi declines these novelties in different shades, offering a broad color palette ranging from sophisticated neutrals to vibrant colors such as siena and terracotta, to relaxing sages and peaceful blues. If Bouclè’s palette sees the presence of homogeneous hues, in Mire’s the colors are variegated tone-on-tone.

The new proposals, designed for chairs, armchairs and lounge seating, blend perfectly with a variety of domestic environments adorning living rooms, bedrooms and open spaces. Due to their functional characteristics and inherent elegance, the three covers are also particularly interesting to be used in contract environments with sophisticated aesthetics.

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