The new square tops for Manhattan and Cross

Riflessi enriches the Cross and Manhattan series of tables with a new proposal of square-shaped tops, which with their symmetrical linearity, easily lend themselves to the most varied contexts and uses, creating a sense of balance within the interior.

Banner Tavolo Manhattan

Rigorous and at the same time easy and versatile, Manhattan is proposed with a new selection of fixed and extendable square tops in five different sizes, to meet all the needs of domestic spaces, starting from the small top of 80x80 cm - which in the extendable version reaches a length of 152x80 cm - up to the 140x140 cm top - which in the extendable version reaches 200x140 cm.

Tavolo Manhattan

While the top comes in finishes ranging from extra-clear back-painted glass to ceramic with different finishes, to be combined with aluminum legs painted in different colors, in the extendable version two internal extensions are added to the top in white or anthracite matt lacquered wood, which can be easily positioned thanks to the anodized aluminum extension mechanism.

Cross, whose name recalls the encounter created between the base and the square top softened by rounded corners, is a collection that reinterprets the classic four-legged wooden dining table with a light and slender design.

Tavolo Cross
Tavolo Cross 1

For Cross, Riflessi offers a new fixed square top measuring 120x120 cm or 140x140 cm available in bronzed or smoked mirror glass or ceramic in a wide range of finishes, to create elegant combinations with the ash wood of the structure, customizable with many finishes such as open pore stained walnut, coke, white, tobacco wenge, ash, gray or cherry.