Mirrors, exclusive reflections

Design that fashions outstanding materials to create iconic mirrors.

Disegno Specchi

Sinuous, elegant and curvy with a mirror-finish frame

Eccentric or linear mirrors, suitable for any room in the house and available in a variety of shapes.

The artisan skills used to produce each mirror develop different shapes: round, square, oval or rectangular.

Disegni Specchi

Geometrical: graphic shapes and inclined surfaces

A wall is just a wall without a mirror to give it harmony and character. Riflessi dedicates great care to its mirrors, studying functional solutions and using outstanding materials. funzionali attraverso l’utilizzo di materiali pregiati.

Attractive and original, they can be installed at 360°.


Vibrant: like a unique, unrepeatable sculpture

Creativeness, skilled workmanship, technique: this is the formula that makes the ‘Mito’ family a collection of the most significant Riflessi mirrors.

Hammering is a technique harking back to the metal chasing of olden times, used to model heated aluminium by hand, creating vibrant, irregular surfaces different for each and every mirror.

Specchio Artigianale Mito 6 Copia
Specchio Artigianale Mito 5

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