Milan Design Week 1

A New Past: a design that rediscovers the past, projected towards the future

In the Milanese flagship store, whose basement has been renovated for the occasion, Riflessi presents an exhibition dedicated to new products, where stylistic suggestions inspired by the design of the past meet a particular sensitivity towards our present and our future.

For this “crucial” Milano Design Week, Riflessi chooses to present the first results of a path towards environmental sustainability made up of new concrete measures and conscious choices, especially in the choice of raw materials.

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Falconeri E Riflessi
Riflessi Supersalone

RIflessi participates in the supersalone with a space divided into three modules where exhibitors of museum inspiration alternate with niches conceived as small stages with the backdrop covered by elegant blue velvet curtains.

For this first participation in the fair, Riflessi presents a selection of highly recognizable furnishings and accessories that are ideal representatives of the brand's aesthetics. As “symbol” pieces for the category of tables, some declinations of the Shanghai series with the iconic metal base with inclined and overlapping legs. The seats from the Carmen, Nina, Nova, Perla, Giò, Sofia series find space on the exhibitors in the foreground, which are characterized by a comfortable and ergonomic seat and which lend themselves to customization and eye-catching combinations between the coverings and the structures.