How is it made?

We reveal what goes on behind the scenes where some of our most important products are ‘hand made’. Come with us into the world of bespoke products carrying the Made in Italy label.

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To make irregular, sinuous shapes, glass is heated to high temperatures that make it possible to achieve any kind of look.

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Achieving the ‘brushed brass’ finish is a delicate, complex procedure of which only highly skilled craftsmen know the secrets.

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Shangai, Toledo, Living, Cubric, Master, Treble, Manhattan, Luxury, Round e Square

Shangai, Living, Corner, Manhattan, Luxury

Aurora, Bruna, Camen, Denise, Gaia, Giò, Lady, Luna, Marta, Mavi, Perla, Sofia, Slim, Nina

Diamond, Lumiere

The Lumiere occasional table and doors on the Cubric sideboard are in brushed brass.

The Shangai Art table is a unique, unrepeatable piece. Created by an artist using resin, the result is an artwork that decorates your living room in an original, inimitable way

Riflessi chairs in cold-foamed polyurethane with steel frame incorporated in the shell achieve maximum comfort and ergonomics. This special procedure takes these chairs to the top step of the podium regarding design and high performance.

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