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Riflessi, a success story: the vocation to design has roots in our memory, and it develops into a perfect mix of aesthetics, function and craftsmanship.

Standing our ground and not backing down when faced with a challenge, our company managed to conquer the market by offering a unique customer-oriented experience comprising outstanding service, a keen eye for detail and the unique ability to incorporate new concepts into our designs.

Riflessi creates modern home interiors for modern people by combining beauty, elegance, sophistication and functionality.

A dynamic presence in the main Italian cities

Dedicated spaces that tell our exclusive collections

These are the sales points that best represent the company vision; in terms of products and image they are the most genuine expression of Made in Italy by Riflessi. They present themselves as suggestive spaces where furniture and accessories become protagonists and interpreters of the taste and lifestyle of Riflessi.

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Riflessi bases its experience in continuous innovation and creates its own products, result of the best Made in Italy design.

Our design team creates solutions for a variety of interiors, helping our customers express their unique style through their decor choices. Our company is deeply involved in every stage of the research, design and manufacturing process. Our expertise and knowledge will help guide you towards the right choices for your specific needs as well as ensuring your decor becomes a true reflection of your inner self.

The application of new technologies and design concepts to artisanal know-how leads to exquisite, traditionally manufactured furniture with a modern twist. We place great importance on custom solutions and encourage our clients to add their creative input when choosing furniture for their home or work environment.

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