Glass tables: a transparent top displays the base

Transparency and visible levity are the distinguishing features of Riflessi glass tables

Why and when to choose a glass table

Shangai Vetro

Glass tables are the ideal choice to bring light to an area and soften the style of the objects around them. Choosing the shape and finishes most suitable for the place where your glass table will stand is essential to enhance every type of living room.

The most evident features of glass tables:

✓ they illuminate the surrounding area;
✓ they are versatile and adaptable;
✓ they are simple and soften the effect of a heavily furnished room.

All the tops of Riflessi glass tables are toughened.

This long, delicate procedure strengthens the tops.

Vetro Temperato Riflessi

The Shangai glass table is an object that brings light into your living room

The Shangai extending glass table epitomizes all the features of a glass table.

The characteristic that’s immediately apparent to the owner of a Riflessi glass table is its undoubtedly robust structure and airy textured finish.

Extra clear, toughened glass is used for 12 or 15mm thick tops, the right thickness for safety and stability

Pulizia Del Piano Riflessi 1

For routine maintenance, use damp cloths without aggressive chemicals and do not use metal pads or similar.

Tavolo Shangai ChiusoTavolo Shangai Aperto

To exalt the glass top, the legs on Shangai tables can be painted white, pink gold, brushed brass or steel.

Shangai Gif

Outstanding workmanship on the steel legs adds to the elegance of the glass for the Mito table.

The Mito table is an imposing extending table with crumpled or mirror finish steel bases and rectangular or shaped transparent toughened glass top, with bright aluminium extension mechanism. The legs are 19cm thick.

Tavolo in cristallo e acciaio Mito Designed by Riflessi LAB
Tavolo Mito 2

Attractively designed glass tables are simple and minimal, which is the unmistakable style of our Plano and Lord tables.

Plano and Lord are extending glass tables with transparent or extra clear toughened glass top. Glass legs and bright aluminium or matt or glossy painted runners in RAL colours.

Tavolo Plano Ambientato
Tavolo ovale allungabile in vetro Lord Designed by Riflessi LAB

A glass top holds the Toledo table suspended between its powerful pressure bent metal legs.

The Toledo table has a top in transparent toughened glass top with rounded corners or in ceramic layers on same-colour 12mm thick bevelled glass. It is fitted with runners in pianted aluminium in the same colour as the base.

Tavolo Toledo

What if I want a fixed table?

The wide range of Riflessi glass tables includes fixed glass tables Living, Pegaso and Treble, all ideal for those who want a stunning designer object.

The Glide fixed glass table has a warm look and a soft touch.

The structure of the Glide glass table with its humanlike connotations, is in hand-worked solid oak wood. The result is a slow, elegant dynamism that extends over the two symmetrical structures that make up the table.

Tavolo in vetro trasparente extrachiaro temperato Glide Designed by Egidio Panzera

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