From materials to finishes, from the organization of spaces to living ideas, a journey into the world of design and modern and contemporary furniture seen through the design of tables, chairs, mirrors, cabinets, consoles and furnishing accessories Riflessi. Ideas, advice and new products to create the perfect living room for your home.

Riflessi, consistent with its philosophy that blends tailoring and the constant search for innovation, offers two new upholsterings in line with the latest trends in the fashion and design world.

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The Pantone Color Institute has chosen the color of 2023, PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta: a shade of "shaded crimson red that presents a balance between warm and cool."

Riflessi furnishings and accessories are colored in warm, vibrant shades that recall sunlight and convey energy and warmth.

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Banner Sedie Jungle

Riflessi presents the new Jungle upholstery: a soft Amalfi velvet with a print that recalls the tropical flora

Riflessi enriches the Cross and Manhattan series of tables with a new proposal of square-shaped tops.

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Inspired by the series of mirrors with the same name, the Lumiere coffee table collection expands with a large version.

The range of finishes for the ceramic tops in the Riflessi catalogue is enriched by two new proposals: Sahara Noir and Sodalite Blu.

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Sedie Bar Riflessi

The best-selling seats by Riflessi become taller, without losing the comfort and flexibility that distinguish them: perfect to be placed near islands, peninsulas or worktops in domestic spaces.

Venere, inspired by Venus, the goddess born from the sea foam, is a mirror that catches the eye thanks to the original sculptural decoration that ripples its surface.

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The Pantone Color Institute has chosen as the color of 2022 Very Peri, the new Pantone 17-3938: a periwinkle blue hue with purple and red undertones, vibrant and expressive.

Riflessi expands the Twist lighting series with a new finish and a new lamp. The collection, which is already one of the brand's musts, is characterized by an aesthetic that winks at the world of jewelry, with ethereal white satin glass spheres that, like oversized pearls, meet an essential tubular structure.

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Riflessi celebrate the Made in Italy approach once again with three new prints dedicated to some of the most beautiful Italian cities.

Among the novelties presented by Riflessi on the occasion of Milano Design Week, the original hand-brushed cobalt finish - which the brand had presented for the Cubric sideboards - to color the base of the Treble table, a brand’s best-seller proposed with an extra-clear glass top.

Deep Blue

Riflessi chair catalogue is enriched with a new proposal for the brand's collections: the swivel base.

The range of customizations that Riflessi offers for its furnishings is enriched with a new finish: the bases of tables and chairs and the frames of mirrors and coffee tables are now available with the precious pearly champagne finish.

Perla Champagne

Riflessi presents a new version of the wooden and ceramic table top: the strong-impact combination of the two materials is declined in a refined proposal where wood becomes the frame.

Riflessi chairs catalogue take on restful tones with a suggestive selection of grey, blue and light blue shades.

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Wooden Blu Sideboard Cubric Riflessi Banner

To inaugurate the new year, the Cubric series is renewed with two scenographic finishes that make the furniture bold protagonists of interiors signed by Riflessi: a new entry in the collection, the majestic cupboard in the “quadrotto” square version, that enriches one of the most appreciated series of the company’s catalogue.

Thanks to the special workmanship, the bronzed surface of this selection of Riflessi mirrors gives back to the eye the surrounding environment in a unique way, creating an elegant but warm atmosphere, never detached.

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Products made in Italy are cleverly crafted and illustrated by our skilled artisans, who reveal what goes on behind the scenes.

Our designers’ ideas for furnishing your rooms to the best advantage with Cubric sideboard, the table lamp and the light fitting Led Loop, the Pandora mirror and the Sofia easy chair.

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A modern home, with attention to detail, can integrate the design of a stackable chair into a dining room or a living room kitchen, without sacrificing style and having a comfortable and functional furniture.


Within the concept of modern interior design, stools are increasingly popular in many types of environment, be it a house living room or a shop, restaurant or office. Every place where people live or work has its own style and claims solutions that are not only practical, but also original. A stool is a perfect alternative for those who want to change their décor design concept. High or low, padded or unpadded, suitable for a kitchen or living room: with their steel frames, stools are a safe choice every time.

Sgabello Lilia

Beauty and practicality merge to create dining tables for small rooms, based on the Shangai model, that become elegant décor items for your living room.

Tavolo Chiuso
Tavolo Aperto

The effect is undoubtedly of strong visual impact: the delicate thickness of the bevelled wood envelops the refined ceramic top. The wooden and ceramic tables are ideal for every area of the living room.

Tavolo Rotondo Shangai
Tavolo Rotondo Pegaso

When closed this practical extending console becomes a designer desk that will enhance and personalise a living room, thanks to a host of finishes for the top and legs.

Misure Consolle Allungabile
Posti A Tavola
Consolle Luxury

Riflessi has made a careful selection of the best materials produced in Italy to use in manufacturing its chairs.


Riflessi proposes design mirrors as a point of pride and starting point of its collections. The possibility of creating irregular and sinuous shapes is obtained by heating the crystal at high temperatures that allow it to take on any aspect.

Disegno Specchi

Glass tables are the ideal choice to bring light to an area and soften the style of the objects around them. Choosing the shape and finishes most suitable for the place where your glass table will stand is essential to enhance every type of living room.

Shangai Gif

Square extending tables are not only a designer choice, but also perfect when hosting guests or a large family. They adapt to your needs and when necessary can be easily closed to take up a small square space.

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A solid and vitaminic combination for the Meghan chair by Riflessi.

Furnishing your home doesn't just mean choosing the perfect table, buying the wall mirror for the entrance or deciding which furnishing accessories to include in the bedroom. Interior design is not about whether floor lamps are suitable for a dining room, or whether and how to place table lamps in the living room. Design for my home is the new area of the Riflessi website which does not impose rules but provides ideas, which does not classify styles but helps you compose your own, which is not dedicated to our choices but to your future products. It is for your home to furnish, to adapt the right design to the rhythm of your needs.