Pantone “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray”
colors of the year 2021

A solid and vitaminic combination for the Meghan chair by Riflessi

Colori 2021

Per il 2021, il Pantone Color Institute seleziona per la prima volta due colori per le tendenze cromatiche dell’anno: "Ultimate Grey" e “Illuminating”, rispettivamente PANTONE 17-5104 e PANTONE 13-0647.

A combination of colors appearing at the same time solid and vitaminic: on one hand a bright gray, a shade that recalls an idea of classic and balanced elegance, without giving in to darker shades of gray, on the other a deep and lively yellow which recalls the energy of the sun. The two colors - apparently so distant - meet with a refined and unexpected effect, which conveys a reliable and positive mood.

Meghan 1
Meghan Gialla E Grey 1

In the interiors, these colors lend themselves perfectly to the upholstery of seats with an original design, such as Meghan designed by CarlesiTonelli studio for Riflessi. In this furniture, an idea of stability, given by the enveloping shapes, and an unusual touch, such as the essential silhouette of the basic structure, coexist. In the vitalizing "Illuminating" yellow, Meghan becomes a catalyst element that enlivens the space - in the definitive "Ultimate gray" the seat’s amplitude, warmth and comfort is highlighted, fitting into spaces with a sober elegance when combined with a wide range of colors.