tavolo legno di design moderno tavolo legno di design moderno

fixed or extendable wooden table


fixed or extendable wooden table

Riflessi designers are experts at the complex art of matching heterogeneous materials and contrasting shapes; their experience has created an essential contemporary table in which airiness and elegance go hand in hand with stability and strength. The base creates thin, almost imperceptible lines. The structure is designed to be combined with wooden tops, interpreting different styles​​​​​​, thanks to the two variants available.


The top is available with irregular edges (5 cm thick) or in bevelled wood (3,5 cm thick), rectangular or barrel-shaped, fixed or extendable. The extensions, of 40 cm, are equipped with a bag to hold them.


See available finishes below.


Design by Riflessi Lab






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tavolo pegaso legno rifless




Base Finishings

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legno nocecanaletto
Wood - American walnut
legno roverecoketermotrattato
Wood - Thermo-treathed Coke oak
legno roveretintobiancoporoaperto
Wood - Oak dyed white open-pore
legno roveretintogrigioporoaperto
Wood - Oak dyed grey open-pore
legno roveretintonoceporoaperto
Wood - Oak dyed walnut open-pore
legno roveretintowengéporoaperto
Wood - Oak dyed wengè open-pore
legno roveretintonaturaleporoaperto
Wood - Oak dyed natural open-pore
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