There is Sibilla, with its wooden frame and a practical shelf whose finish has the same bronzed effect of the mirror, and Trapezio, where the mirrored element can be found on the inclined frame, amplifying the tridimensionality of the room reflected.

A precious and interesting effect for mirrors with a strong personality standing out from the others.

Thanks to the peculiar manufacturing process, the bronzed surface of this mirror series by Riflessi reflects the surrounding interior in a unique way, creating a warm, cozy yet elegant atmosphere. The bronzed effect is available for many elements from the new Mirror catalogue, where one can discover the versatility, the attention to detail and the many creative solutions offered by Riflessi. Starting from Diamond, characterized by a frame with a tridimensional effect obtained thanks to an artisanal folding technique, and Viva, with its sinuous pleats on the curved mirrored frame, that creates delicate play of lights.