Store Bari

The space is an unusual mood, which follows a project with a naturalistic profile, a compositional idea that is born with the conscious use of materials that evoke ancestral sensations of living the home.

Riflessi Store Bari
a corner room of about 400 sq

The Bari store is a corner room divided on two floors, about 400 square meters overall with large windows on the street, with entrance to the ground floor of a building built in the ’40s in perfect post-nationalist style. A palace of fascist times, therefore, which with its decisive geometric lines frames a space with important heights and with very soft cuts of light, which strongly underline the timeless dimension of the concept.

The walls of the store are characterized by the warmth of the wood of the birch boiserie and by the blush-colored tones with brass finishes that, together with the Lecce stone floor, are the background to everyday life scenarios suspended in an indefinite time.

Piantina Milano


P.zza Garibaldi 75/a – 70122- Bari
Ph. 0804115742 –

Showroom opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 10:00/20:00 continued
Sunday: 10:00/13:30