Tavolo in legno Shangai by Riflessi

The Shangai Big solid wood extendable dining table is a veritable contemporary design chameleon. You can choose from 200 customization options to create your perfect dining table.

By Riflessi Lab

Wooden table Shangai

The Shangai extendable table is available with a solid oak top supported by an asymmetrical cross leg base made from coated aluminum.

The top and base are available in various colors and finishes, please see below for options. The innovative extension mechanism keeps alterations to the table’s overall shape to a minimum by allowing an extension leaf to be mounted on a pull-out steel slide on either end.

  • Wooden top in oak thickness 50 mm with:
    Standard finishes: oak dyed walnut.
    Finishes upon request: white oak, wengè, white, natural, grey, honey, ash-grey, tobacco, cherrywood, American walnut and thermo-treated coke.
  • Wooden top in oak thickness 30 mm with:
    Standard finishes: thermo-treated coke.
    Finishes upon request: white oak, wengè, white, natural, grey, honey, ash-grey, tobacco, cherrywood, walnut; American walnut.

You can choose the shape and size you prefer

The Shangai table has an aluminum base covered in mirrored stainless steel, painted white, graphite, gold pink or matt Painted Brushed brass, covered in sandstone or covered in oak in the sample finishes.

Shangai in the extendable version

Tavolo in legno Shangai by Riflessi

The choice of wood with the innovative ceramic insert characterizes the Riflessi tables, which add that particular natural effect enhanced by the metal finishes of the legs.

Wooden table Shangai with ceramic instert

The version of the Shangai with 30 mm top adds a touch of minimal elegance to the materiality of the top.

Shangai with coke wooden top. Thickness 40 mm

When art becomes an integral part of your living, the result is simply poetry.

By Riflessi Lab

The Shangai Art table is a unique and inimitable piece. Made by a real artist with the use of resin, the result is a true work of art that furnishes your living in an original and unrepeatable way.

Table with aluminium base composed by legs tilted and overlapped in asymmetric way with central junction painted white.

Available with:
– Wooden top thickness 30 mm with resin decoration.

Note: Tops are unique pieces, each one different from the other depending on the artist.