Deep Blue
an original touch of color among Riflessi novelties

Among the novelties presented by Riflessi on the occasion of Milano Design Week, the original hand-brushed cobalt finish - which the brand had presented for the Cubric sideboards - to color the base of the Treble table, a brand’s best-seller proposed with an extra-clear glass top

Deep Blue

In the scenario of the renovated basement of the Milan showroom, Treble meets with a limited edition of the iconic Perla chairs with lively Amalfi velvet upholstery where the backrest features a printed fabric with naturalistic motifs where blue returns in different shades.

Perla Blu

The hand-brushed cobalt finish, with its peculiar satin effect, is also proposed for the base of the Living table, again in combination with an extra-clear top that allows the finish to draw attention to itself.

In this case, the table is combined with the new Giada chairs, characterized by a minimal metal structure that embraces a comfortable seat with armrests proposed with a soft Amalfi fabric covering in a soft salmon color, creating a contrast with the intense blue of the Living base.

Tavolo Moderno Living 03
Tavolo Moderno Living 04