where to buy Riflessi products
Riflessi does not sell its products on line and does not allow its retailers to sell them on line either. Riflessi does not have contractual relationships with businesses (or their websites) that are not part of its network of authorized retailers. Therefore, Riflessi cannot guarantee the authenticity and quality of products purchased from unauthorized retailers or on line as they are not under warranty or assistance service.
Riflessi’s widespread sales network includes over 300 authorized Sales Points or Stores located throughout Italy. If you are looking for a retailer close to home please consult the website: https://www.riflessi.it/cerca-un-rivenditore/ and provide your city of residence to find the one nearest you.
Riflessi delivers all finish products in stock within 30-40 days of the date the order is placed, while special request finishes, RAL colour standard finishes and custom-made products (when possible) are delivered within 45-60 days of the date the order is placed.
Please request information regarding the delivery date of products ordered directly at the Sales Point or Store where you have made your purchase. Riflessi, pursuant to its privacy policy, cannot disclose information to the final recipient regarding orders for products distributed through Sales Outlets.
Riflessi sells its products through its network of Sales Points and not on line for the purpose of guaranteeing delivery and assembling service carried out at Sales Points. Once the assembly has been completed, please verify with the operators that everything is in working order and that the purchased product includes all necessary mechanisms. Please request to be shown how it works and test it with the assembly operator. Keep the product instructions found in its packaging and read them closely before using it. Please keep all documentation received in case you need it at a future date.
warranties and assistance Riflessi
Assistance under warranty is issued directly from the retailer who sold the customer the product. Therefore, it is the authorized retailer who must verify any problems and responsibilities and request assistance services with the company if necessary.
The legal warranty issued by the retailer to the consumer is valid for two years as of the delivery date of the product from the company to the retailer.
The legal warranty covers any lack of conformity of the product in terms of the sales contract at the moment of delivery i.e. manufacturing defects that may occur during the 24-month period with the exception of defects that are incurred (i.e. when the instructions provided have not been followed, accidental bumps, stains or due to lack of/ poor maintenance etc.). Therefore, the legal warranty is not valid if damage is caused by the consumer after delivery.
In order to request product service under warranty you must contact the Sales Point where you purchased your product directly and provide: Purchase documentation (a copy of your receipt, invoice etc.) A clear description of the problem; - a photo that documents the condition of the product. The Sales Point will contact Riflessi and determine the best service solution.
technical information Riflessi
On our website where the product’s data sheet is posted. you can find technical information and available finishes. If the information you request is not there please contact the Riflessi Sales Point or Store nearest you or send an e-mail to: info@riflessi.it.
Riflessi has carefully selected all the best materials Made in italy for manufacturing and customising its chairs. Main features: • High density foam padding resistant to pressure and use.
• Flexible backrests provides better back support, an essential matter for a quality and comfortable chair. Most of the chairs Riflessi have got a flexible backrest.
• Elastic seat webbing for extreme comfort.
• Certified - Made in Italy - fabric resistance, fire and stain proofing. Chairs are tested and treated in order to make them suitable to usage in commercial activities.
Modern or classical Riflessi chairs are manufactured with steel frames varnished with epoxy powder and completely upholstered with hide, leather and synthetic-leather and several fabrics or with painted or chromed legs. Do not stand on the seat, do not rock back and forth and do not sit on the back; we decline responsibility for the improper use of the product. Only for external use.
Riflessi mirrors are design objects, a signature on house walls. Always inspired to early shapes, Riflessi mirrors are unique and they take shape from use of outstanding materials and innovative craftmanship. They are realized with first quality silvered glasses. Frames are realized in aluminium, steel, mirror, glass, polycarbonate. Frames in wood are in all finishes of the collection. The frames covered gold, silver, white gold, black gold, bronze or copper leaf are realized in handicraft way and protected by water transparent varnishes. The distinguishing feature of moulded mirrors is that irregular, sinuous shapes can be achieved by heating the materials at high temperatures. Frames in metal are realized with plates 20/10 worked to laser and painted. Technical data sheets of all mirrors are available on the website www.riflessi.it/en in each page dedicated to the several mirror models.
We produce tables and consoles using excellent materials for performance as well as beauty available in a huge variety of colours and finishes. Riflessi has always chosen and selected top quality sliced wood and skilfully crafted it. Recently ceramics have become popular as an excellent, practical material for the home that is also stylish and elegant. Riflessi has deliberately chosen to use only toughened glass with rounded corners so that the safety of whoever buys a Riflessi table or console is protected.
Riflessi sideboards are a unique style choice. The stylish rigor of the geometric shapes is softened by light and precious decorations on the doors. Riflessi sideboards are available in a huge variety of colours and finishes that make each item unique and customized.
maintenance and cleaning of Roflessi products
Please use a humid cloth only, to clean this item. Do not keep wooden items under diffuse light. Riflessi chairs can be easily cleaned following simple suggestions specified for each kind of upholstery.
The water-repellent properties of the fabric comes from a special kind of finishing called Nanotex: it is a nano (ultra small) fluorocarbon structures that is fixed directly to the yarn molecules. Contrary to normal fluorocarbon structures which are applied on fabrics like a film that tends to decay with normal use, nonotex finishing fixes each individual molecule to each single yarn. Each molecule is independent from the next. The advantage is that damage duo to use and washing is restricted to the individual damaged molecule without affecting other neighbouring molecules. The treatment will withstand a high number of washing cycles, in a domestic washing machine on a 30°C delicate washing cycle. The benefit of this kind of treatment is that allows the fabric to remain breathable. In fact, the finishing material does not deposit on the fabric surface like a film, but covers completely and exclusively the yarns, without closing any spaces among the interlacements of yarns, letting air and steam pass freely.
WASHING — Gently dust and in case of light stains, clean surface with a damp cloth with a solution of neutral detergent then rinse with water without wringing. Let dry inside out, avoiding direct sunlight. Iron inside out with iron at a low temperature. For localized or darker stains (oil, grease, cosmetics, ink, coffee, liquor, chewing gum etc.), we advise you to follow these instructions: promptly dissolve the stain with ethyl alcohol (colourless liquid) diluted with water at 20%, blot and then clean with a solution of neutral detergent. Rinse well.
IMPORTANT: most of all for synthetic-leather, the lighter colors of the article should not be brought into contact with textiles and clothing colored with unfixed dyes (for example jeans and denim textiles). We cannot guarantee the ability to remove dyes from light colored product.
Riflessi chairs can be cleaned easily and regularly with a soft dry cloth for dusting or, in case of light stains, a damp cloth or one soaked in a solution of water and neutral detergent to be applied to the chair’s surface. Be careful to dry it immediately and do not rub the stain. Blot it gently from the outer part towards the centre of the stain. For localized or darker stains (oil, grease, cosmetics, ink, coffee, liquor etc.) we advise you to take prompt action in order to avoid penetration and absorb them immediately with a dry cloth or paper towel then promptly dissolve the stain with ethyl alcohol diluted with water at 20%, blot and then clean with a solution of neutral detergent and rinse well. Do not use solvents or abrasive products. For the lasting beauty of products upholstered in leather or rawhide: - Keep the product as far away as possible from sources of heat like radiators and heaters; - Avoid direct sunlight or very powerful artificial sources of light; Possible natural marks, imperfections, variations in grains or slight differences in colour in comparison with the sample are not to be considered defects. They are characteristic elements of real leather or rawhide which confirm their authenticity.
WASHING — Dust gently and in case of stains, use a damp cloth on the surface or a solution of neutral detergent, rinse with water without wringing. Let dry inside out, avoiding direct sunlight. Iron inside out with iron at a low temperature. Do not use solvents.

GENERAL WARNINGS — Light colours should not be in contact with fabrics and clothing that has been treated with unfixed dyes or clothing with low colour fastness so as to avoid dye stains and rings whose removal cannot be guaranteed.
DAILY MAINTENANCE: For routine maintenance of your chair, we recommend a daily aspiration of the entire surface. You can use a vacuum cleaner for home use with adjustable brush.
LIQUIDS: First absorb the excess with a paper towel and then rub in a circular motion using a damp cloth.
GREASE, OIL, INK: First absorb the excess with a paper towel and then rub in a circular motion using a damp cloth and repeat the process if necessary. If the stain persists, leave to dry the fabric and use a bit 'of neutral detergent placed directly on the stain and repeat the process with the damp cloth.
DUST: Remove dust with a household vacuum cleaner.
WASH: For routine care of the session, washing is not necessary.
“Smacchia” special protection enables simples and quick cleaning of most everyday stains (coffee, wine, juice, ketchup, ice cream, a ballpoint pen, ect). Fabrics with “Smacchia” protection system have each fibre surrounded with special layer, which works as an invisible shield against stains. Although seemingly stain penetrates into the fabric, it in fact remains on the surface of fibre and can therefore be easily cleaned. Only with clean sponge and water! When undesired liquid is spilled, immediately soak it up by lightly touching it with a paper towel. Turn around clean, good absorbent paper towel several times or replace it so that the stain is not transferred back to the fabric. In case of denser substances, for example tomato pulp, first carefully remove the greater part of substance from the surface with a steak knife. Then use a clean damp sponge and clean the remains of the stain with slight circular movements. Soak up to dryness the cleaned area with good absorbent paper towel. Only use a clean paper towel every time!
Repeat the process, if necessary.
For periodical clearing of products in wood: use a cloth dampened with neutral soap that has been generously diluted in water or use a specific product. Always dry thoroughly after each application with a dry cloth or paper towels. Do not use abrasive products. For surfaces with opaque finish: do not use wax-based wood products or other similar products that could make the surface glossy. In case of accidental spills (substances or liquids) blot the surface immediately with paper towels or a clean, dry cloth. Avoid the vicinity of sources of heat. Expose surfaces in veneered or lacquered wood to the light in a homogenous manner like opening the table extensions located inside the frames periodically or moving objects like vases and other accessories setting on the surface from time to time. Avoid letting liquids or chemical products used to clean floors be absorbed by parts of the table that are in contact with the floor.
Dust the surfaces regularly with a microfiber cloth. Clean with a soft cloth and an ALCOHOL FREE antistatic furniture spray or a solution of water and neutral detergent. Do not use any type of alcohol or abrasive substance or an abrasive cloth/sponge.
Blot stains with a cloth or paper towel. For periodical cleaning use a sponge dampened with a small amount of diluted neutral detergent or use specific products. Dry carefully. Do not use abrasive products.
For periodical cleaning of the crystal tops use specific liquid detergents for cleaning glass (they can be easily purchased) or neutral detergent. Do not use powdered detergents or any other abrasive substances that leave scratches.
Laminam ceramic surfaces can be easily cleaned. For daily cleaning of your Laminam top use humid and well squeezed clothes and/or not abrasive sponges with warm water and, in case, with a neutral cleanser diluted according with the instructions on its packaging. It is important to make a prior test on a little portion of the top with the cleanser you want to use, in order to verify that it is not damaging for the surface. Rings or spots seen on the surfaces after cleaning are normally due to an incorrect and not careful cleaning. We remind that the faster you clean a spot the better is the result. In order to make a deeper cleaning it is possible to use alkaline cleansers (but not on gloss finishes) paying attention to the instructions on the packaging of the cleansers. For greasy spots there are several degreaser products you can find available for sale, which guarantee an easy and fast cleaning. Don’t forget to test the degreaser on a little corner not too visible of the surface in order to avoid rings or fading of the finish colour since they won’t be fixable after their appearance. Apply a few of the cleanser on the spot and rub it with a soft sponge until the spot will vanish, then rinse with a lot of water and dry. In case of dry and harden leftovers on a surface (example chewing gum, sauces, oil…) it is recommended to remove them by using a plastic and rounded scraper or a slightly abrasive sponge (not an iron one). Then wash the surface and rinse it with clean water and a normal cleanser (always tested before on a little portion of the top). For limescale spots on a matt finish surface (example glass traces) pour an anti-limescale cleanser (such as Viakal) on the surface and leave it effect for maximum 1 minute. Rinse it with copious water and dry. Always follow the instructions for use on the packaging of the anti-limescale product. Do not use anti-limescale products on gloss finishes but use a plastic and rounded scraper. For silicone spots, use a scraper with a drop of solvent (not containing diclorometano, methylene chloride, dicloramine). Rinse with copious water and dry. IMPORTANT: Do not leave acidic substances on the surface for long term since they could alter gloss finishes. Avoid contact between ceramic surfaces and printer inks or permanent inks.